5 Stunning New Google My Business Features (You need to know)

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New Google My Business Features keep appearing and it’s easy to miss them. Todays 5 new features are in testing or will be released shortly or have just been released. These 5 compliments the video on 4 Powerful Business Tips to Grow in 2020
I’ve often shown my subscribers on here how to register their business on google for free. But also the warning it may not be free forever!
Here is the link mentioned in the video

(the link is free but if you do purchase, it will give me a small supportive affiliate percentage)
Other videos point out how hours and holiday updates are an important signal to Google My Business Rankings. So if you keep hours updated,
check for new updates on GMB, and keep an eye on the competition in your category, you are then ready for these 5 features in today video.
Still, only 50% of business have Claimed there free listing, that madness! Just go here it’s so simple:
So you are already ahead of half competition if you have registered your business and claimed its ownership.
Feature 1. Connect in real-time, with video. I look at growing your business and reaching more customers, by using video conferencing providers like Zoom and Google Meet.
Feature 2. The importance of updating hours and making sure they are correct looks like it’s now giving away the last time they were updated. What a great Google My Business feature.
Feature 3. Google guarantee for Google My Business This is a $50 a month feature. Is it worth it? It means Goole guarantees you are an authentic business, so you will stand out for a good reason. Google has this in the experimental stage. The green tick of a Google guarantee means you are insured by Goole for up to $2000 refund if things go wrong Note (Goole ads give you this badge immediately)
The cost is $50 per month, subject to Google Guaranteed’s normal eligibility rules, which include background and licensing checks.
The annual cost of the program would be $600
Google My Business no longer free because soon you will stand out if you don’t have it only certain countries and certain business can get it at the moment
Google Say: “This experiment will show the Google Guaranteed badge on the business profile. We don’t have anything additional to announce right now.”
Feature 4. New GMB attributes and displays keep appearing. Recently they added:
► Online Appointment
► In-store shopping
► Curbside pickup
► Online Care
► Online Estimates
► Online Classes
Feature 5. It’s all about Covid updates and support
Customer support/taking vouchers/booking
Here is the link mentioned in the video (the link is free but if you buy it will give me a small supportive affiliate percentage)

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