With the rise of the Curbside Pickup, food and beverage retailers are investing in high-tech chillers in 2021


Curbside Pickup, food and beverage retailers

Curbside Pickup, food and beverage retailers are on the rise in 2021! According to Source ,CLEVELAND, March 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / –
Global demand for commercial food and beverage refrigeration equipment declined about 10% in 2020 and remained below 2019 levels in early 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
However, the pandemic also spawned trends that mitigated market losses:Curbside Pickup, food and beverage retailers

  • Since many food and beverage items are essential products, the demand for refrigeration appliances has remained relatively strong in most countries, especially when compared to other durable goods.
  • Many countries allowed food and beverage retailers to remain operational during the shutdown as they play a vital role in helping the population.
  • Companies in some parts of the world have also introduced new services – like roadside pickup – during the pandemic, which has forced them to invest in additional commercial refrigeration equipment.

In addition, some pandemic trends – such as the increase in roadside collection and online grocery delivery – are expected to persist. This will open up long-term market opportunities for food and beverage refrigeration equipment suppliers as products are increasingly combined with value-added features such as advanced display cases and sophisticated sensors to support contactless or unsupervised retail.
Global sales of commercial food and beverage refrigeration equipment to Hit $ 14 billion in 2024
As COVID-19 restrictions ease, global food and beverage retailers are expected to rapidly recover commercial refrigeration spending from 2022 onwards, supported by:

  • improved economic conditions and increasing consumer spending
  • the construction of new food and beverage retail stores, particularly in developing countries such as India
  • an increase in demand for replacement products in many parts of the world, reflecting the large number of retailers who delayed purchasing machines during the pandemic
  • the introduction of numerous new commercial refrigeration technologies after the delay in many product launches during the pandemic
  • changing consumer trends, such as the increasing consumption of chilled foods and beverages in Asia, Africa, the middle East, and Central and South America

Additionally, with operators in many parts of the world delaying equipment purchases in 2020, demand for replacement products is expected to accelerate during the post-pandemic recovery.
Would you like to learn more?
The global food retail market for commercial refrigerators is now available from Freedonia Group. This study includes the global commercial refrigeration appliances used in retail applications (e.g., grocery retailers, restaurants, and manufacturing facilities). Historical data (2009, 2014 and 2019) and forecasts for 2024 and 2029 are provided in US dollars. The main products that fall within the scope of this report include:

  • Showcases
  • walk-in and walk-in fridges and freezers
  • Beverage cooling systems (e.g. drinking fountains, beer dispensers)
  • Ice machines
  • refrigerated machines
  • other commercial refrigeration equipment such as milk coolers, refrigerated food prep stations and batch freezers)
  • Replacement parts, including condensers, compressors, filters, seals, and valves (excluding parts sold to OEM suppliers)

Curbside Pickup, food and beverage retailers…Applications for commercial refrigerators in food retail are the storage of food and beverages on sales areas and in storage rooms. Food retailers included here include convenience stores, mass marketers, and supermarkets.
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