Home Depot Exorcism in Pa Episode Sparks Viral News Story is Absolutely Terrifying!! – You will Love This One -2021

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Home Depot Exorcism in Pa Episode Sparks Viral News Story

Home Depot Exorcism Dickson City, Pa police officers had to stop Exorcism in the lumber aisle of their local Home Depot!
I was reported around 3:30 p.m. on Monday.
Another officer told the Philly Voice that it was a “séance type of thing for the dead.”
The humans were escorted out of the building — but it’s unclear if the alleged evil spirits were escorted back to hell.
There is no indication that the exorcism had anything to do with a recent drop in the price of lumber. Source: GlobalNews.Ca


home depot exorcism

Home Depot Exorcism Story

Authorities received a call about “disorderly people” at the Home Depot Store.
Two individuals were “Conducting an exorcism in the Home Depot lumber aisle for the dead trees,” police wrote.
We are not sure  if the wood spirits were released by those conducting the exorcism or if it was an evil spirit or good in nature.
We are not sure if the two people conducting the exorcism were at the point where they released the spirit trapped in the 2x4s  at this time.
There were to injuries to Home Depot customers reported to authorities. At this point in time we are not sure. Lumber has skyrocketed during Covid 19 pandemic causing many builders as well as home buyers to push pause on their building plans. Lumber prices are expected to remain high but gradually lower as the country continues to open back up.
With that being said, there may be a feeding frenzy as residents in Pa might try to get their hands on the following lumber from the “Home Depot Exorcism” 

What sizes of wood are available at Home Depot?
  • x 4 in. x 8 ft. Premium Standard and Better Douglas Fir Lumber. …
  • x 4 in. x 92-1/4 Premium #2 and Better Douglas Fir Lumber. (32) …
  • x 6 in. x 8 ft. # 2 and Better Prime Douglas Fir Lumber. …
  • x 4 in. x 4 ft. …
  • x 4 in. x 2 ft. …
  • x 6 in. x 4 ft. …
  • x 6 in. x 12 ft. # …
  • x 8 in. x 16 ft. #

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Home Depot Exorcism  Video


home depot exorcism video

Home Depot Exorcism Video Click to Play



Why would there be a Home Depot Exorcism?

home depot exorcism spirit trapped in trees

Image Credit: Pinterest.com

Maybe the people involved were Ancient Egyptians?

According to Wikipedia: Spirts can be trapped in treesA tree deity or tree spirit is a nature deity related to a tree. Such deities are present in many cultures. They are usually represented as a young woman, often connected to ancient fertility and tree worship lore.[1] The status of tree deities varies from that of a local fairyghostsprite or nymph, to that of a goddess.

Home Depot Exorcism in Pa Summary:

Home Depot was alerted that 2 individuals were performing an exorcism in the lumber aisle. Did these people know that there were spirits trapped in certain pieces of wood? Are they Aliens that were dropped off from the recent UFO reports that the government cannot explain at this time?
We can only hope that if the wood spirits at Home Depot were released that they did not leave the building in a Home Depot Curbside Pickup order!! Curbside Pickup Meaning
About The Home Depot:
The Home Depot, Inc., commonly known as Home Depot, is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, supplying tools, construction products, and services. The company is headquartered in incorporated Cobb County, Georgia, with an Atlanta mailing address. Source :Wikipedia

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