KurbConnect Picking and Curbside Delivery Solution

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COVID 19 changed online grocery shopping from a luxury to necessity overnight but third-party delivery Services are failing, employees are at risk and store closures loom grocers need an immediate solution to exponentially increase in store order picking and to orchestrate thousands of curbside customer pickups all under strict COVID safety requirements.
During these times, your 3rd party order shopping and delivery services are probably failing, you have too many orders and not enough workers, you’re concerned about COVID-19 compliance and the health and safety of your workers.
COVID-19 accelerated what you already knew was coming, changing online grocery shopping from a luxury to a necessity. It’s time for a professional logistics transformation.
–Integrate with pre-existing Online Ordering and POS/Inventory systems to be live with KurbConnect in 7 to 14 days on BYOD (bring your own device) mobile devices.
–Decouple online order submission from picking and consolidation processes, optimize each separately, and then synchronize customer pickup via a touchless mobile phone system.
–Enforce COVID-19 safety by splitting workers into separate work zones and transacting via voice and vision-based warehouse picking technology to reduce product touches and human interaction.

–Scale curbside delivery with 24/7 in-store picking at pick rates up to 10x faster, protect your inventory from contamination and handle record online demand.



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