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LRS CONNECT: LIST – Emergency Engagement and Communication Services
Using LRS Connect: List you can provide a self-check-in URL to customers via email, social media, a website, etc. When the customer arrives at the location, they open the URL and identify themselves by filling out a form with a few key pieces of information. This triggers an entry in the LRS Connect portal and a notification providing the staff members with the customer’s information needed to deliver the order. The customer can wait in the comfort and safety of their own car. Contact LRS Today – We Can Help with Contactless/Contact Free Curbside Delivery, Order Pick-Up, Carryout & To-Go Order Management.
LRS is here to make your curbside delivery quick and easy. We will help you provide a URL, help your customer check-in quickly, alert your staff, and allow for quick, easy delivery. Let’s walk through it. First, we provide your customer with a URL that’s easy to remember. Next, your customer checks themselves in using a quick, easy mobile form that’s able to be filled out. This form is mobile responsive and does not require any application and can be used on a phone or any other mobile device like a tablet. Now, your staff sees that form, knows where your customer is and can communicate with them quickly and easily. Let us get you quickly started today. No apps needed!
Long Range Systems text and paging solutions keep businesses in touch with their customers – from restaurants serving guests, healthcare providers staying connected to patients and families and retail and grocery stores keeping customers stocked up on essential household items. We provide communication solutions businesses can rely on.
Our all-in-one solutions help you master your customer waitlist with unlimited text messaging and paging.
Staff communication is an essential part of managing a great team and efficient operations. With staff paging management can stay in sync with their team and send and receive alerts when action is needed.
Guest and server communications are key to waitlist management, efficient table turns, profitability and most important guest satisfaction. Our experts can recommend a solution tailored to your business and customer experience goals.
Healthcare communication and waitlist management solutions keep providers in contact with patients, staff and families when it matters most. Our solutions scale to meet the needs of clinics to large hospitals.
Communication is the cornerstone of customer service excellence. Keep floor reps, cashiers, warehouse staff and managers connected and focused on speedy customer service. From two-way communications to one-way alerts – we can keep your team connected.



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