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NOW AVAILABLE: Curbside Grocery Pickup!
Marcoot Jersey Creamery is now offering curbside grocery pickup, and we’d love to help out with any of your protein needs! We have plenty of frozen meat, cheese, ice cream, Extreme Ice, and more!
Call or place your order online, and we will have your order ready and delivered to you curbside!
(618) 664-1110
Hi Everyone! This is Amy at Marcoot Jersey Creamery. We know that right now times are tough. A lot of uncertainty. A lot of anxiety. A lot of things are going on that we’re not quite sure how to maneuver. We want to wish you well, and let you know that we’re thinking about you during this time.
We have been seeing ourselves, when we go to the supermarket, and hearing on the news, that the meat aisle’s empty, the cheese aisle’s empty, the frozen food aisle’s empty. And we’re here to let you know that we have provisions.
Some of the thing’s that we have here at the creamery are our beef, that’s primarily grass-fed, we have ground beef, roasts, we have steaks, we have summer sausage, that’s from our beef. We also have our Extreme Ice, that has 20 grams of protein, just fruit and protein. It’s a great dessert for your kids that are home from school right now. We also have honey, that’s raised from bees on our farm, we have popcorn, we have jams, we have ice cream, because who doesn’t want ice cream right now.
We also have all of our cheeses available. Fresh cheese curds, we have fresh mozzarella, we have our cheddars, which include a plain white cheddar, our tipsy cheddar, mona loa cheddar. And then we have our aged cheeses available as well.
All of our items are available for pickup at our creamery. We’ll bring all of the items to your car. You can find a list of our items on our website at There, you can find an order form and order ahead, or call our creamery and we’ll take your oder over the phone.
We understand during this time, the importance of being very careful, and not being exposed to quite a few people. Our farm store is open right now, but we are respecting the government regulations by saying less than 10 people, so we will be regulating that. And in the meantime, we’re continuing to do what we always do, to make sure everything is sanitized and very clean, so that people feel safe and secure whenever they come into our creamery.
I want to thank you all so much for being our customer. For the last 10 years, we’ve been operating this creamery, and we know for a fact that we’re still here today because you buy our cheese and you buy our other products. So, from me and my family, we thank you so very much for supporting us and your other local farmers.
This is a very interesting time that everybody’s sort of trying to maneuver. So we appreciate everything that y’all do to support not just us, but the other local businesses that are trying hard to find new creative ways to sustain the revenue that’s been lost due to restaurant closures and things like that. So thank you very very much for supporting us and other farmers. It does make a huge difference.



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