face mask vending machines in Malls. We LOVE IT!!

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Vending machines dispensing face masks, gloves, and sanitizers, have begun popping up in shopping malls around Toronto. Just wondering when they will show up in the us. Stores doing Curbside in the US have seen sales increase.
Head to Canada Square and you’ll find one near the entrance to Eglinton subway station. And in Yorkdale, there are now two PPE vending machines: one located near the Swarovski store and another by the Indigo.
Two face mask vending machines have popped up at Yorkdale Mall. Photo by Aaron Navarro.
The Yorkdale machines, which are from a Maryland-based company called Nayax and distributed by the Niagara company Kanes Vending, offer a variety of PPE.
There are hand sanitizers for $9.95, cloth masks for $19.95 each, KN95 masks for $22.95, and cloth masks with string tires for $22.95 each.
You can also set packs of three surgical masks for $5.95. A set of 3 masks, 6 gloves, and a hand sanitizer costs $20.
According to a Yorkdale representative, machines take all forms of cashless payment except for American Express.
Machines are selling disposable and reusable masks, sanitizers, and gloves. Photo by Aaron Navarro.
The concept of face mask vending machines are fairly new in Toronto. England saw its first machines pop up in 10 different malls in mid-March, while New York got one of its first recorded machines on Coney Island as early as May.
According to a representative for Nayax, the cashless payment system company that provided Yorkdale’s machines, they’ve also set up machines at Pearson Airport’s Terminals 1 and 3.
There are plans for more machines in major malls across the GTA soon, they say.
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