Walmart vs. Target Grocery Apps: Walmart Wins


Walmart vs. Target Grocery Apps


Walmart vs. Target Grocery Apps Experts assume that the switch to online food delivery and Curbside Pickup will drive the industry forward for several years even after the pandemic and COVID-19 have subsided.


Walmart vs. Target Grocery Apps. Online stores store with curbside pickup and Delivery include:

Whole Foods Curbside Pickup now THIS is why I Love & Rank it #1 and Safeway Curbside Pickup and go Ranked #1 in Safety.  How it works and why we think it is the best!


Walmart vs. Target Grocery Apps lets take a look! I’ve been doing Curbside pickup at Walmart using Walmart’s app since last summer and I think this is the best way to do grocery shopping.

The Walmart app will prompt you to select the closest pick-up location or enter your delivery address.

You choose a one-hour time slot, at least one day in advance, but up to more than a week in the future.

There is a specific time only for at-risk customers.

Walmart app focuses on groceries and breaks them down by category, which makes it easy to sift through a list of what I need.

It’s easy to add items to your order and quickly adjust quantities.

Once your order has been created, you have until around midnight the evening before to complete your order. For me, this is one of the most useful features as I almost always find that we need something else before it is actually time to collect groceries.

Because groceries are ordered a few days in advance, the exact brand of an item is sometimes not available on the pick-up day. Walmart will suggest a replacement and give it a chance to approve it. I’ve always been very lucky with that.

When the order is ready, Walmart will send an SMS notification asking you to check in so that a member of staff can bring it out when you arrive.

One of my frustrations with Target was picking an item only to find out that it was out of stock in my store. Walmart’s app makes it clearer when an item isn’t available without having to click on it and go to a separate page.

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