Walmart’s Grocery Pickup Service Is Free, Will You Like it Better Than Amazon’s Whole Foods in 2021?

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Walmart’s Grocery Pickup Service Is Free, Will You Like it Better Than Amazon’s Whole Foods?

According to the Time Use Institute, the average grocery shopping trip takes 41 minutes. But this varies dramatically based on factors, like the day and time you visit the store and the number of items in your grocery basket. Services like Instacart and Walmart Grocery make it so you can avoid grocery shopping in a brick-and-mortar store by doing your shopping online via an app or website.


Walmart’s Grocery Pickup Service Is Free What Else Does Walmart Offer in 2021?

Walmart Grocery offers delivery, pickup, or both options, depending on the market where you live. Walmart’s grocery pickup service is free to use, which makes it rather attractive for those looking to save money and time meandering around a crowded grocery store. All you do is drive up to the store, get your groceries loaded by employees, and leave.
We decided to give Walmart’s grocery pickup service a try. Looking at factors like the quality of the groceries when compared to an in-store grocery trip, customer service, cost, and time savings, we aimed to find out if the service is as great as it sounds.
Ordering groceries on the app
Walmart’s Grocery Pickup Service Is Free : Overall rating: good
They used the Walmart Grocery app to place our order, and found it to be, for the most part, user friendly and easy to navigate. To locate an item, you simply type it into the search box, and a variety of selections appear on the screen. It should be noted that some items require more extensive searching than others.
For instance, using Walmart’s Grocery Pickup Service Is Free–  it was more difficult to find specific brands of gluten-free items, even when typing the exact name and brand of the item into the search box. For some items, we had to try a few different searches like “gluten free granola bars,” “Annies gluten free,” and “gluten free Annies” to get the item we were looking for.
Walmart’s Grocery Pickup Service  grocery order was substantial; the total for our order was $547.57, but this got us a lot of groceries (enough to feed a family of six for at least two weeks). We ordered a variety of items, ranging from produce and meats to foods for those with dietary restrictions (gluten free and lactose free). The available food selection was impressive, and ordering groceries via the app was relatively painless.
Walmart’s Grocery Pickup Service took them 58 minutes to input our order. However, you could input a smaller order in a few minutes (the app indicated the minimum order amount was $30).
You can reserve your pickup time in one-hour intervals either before or after you make your grocery selections. If you reserve your time beforehand, the app tells you a time period, and you have to check out to keep that time slot. Depending on when you order, there may be time slots available on the same day. There were no available time slots on the same day we were ordering, but there were many the following day and each day after. We selected 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. on the following day.
During checkout, you also indicate whether or not it’s OK for the store to make “substitutions.” This means, if the store is out of an item on your list, they can substitute it for a similar item. We marked no substitutions for our “dietary restriction” foods, but allowed substitutions for the remainder of our items.


Walmart’s Grocery Pickup Service Is Free –Picking up groceries

Overall rating: fair
Digital Trends review order was ready at approximately 2:15 p.m., which was right on time. An app alerted us and we also received an email that our items were ready. The email and the app instructed us to check in when we were on our way by pressing a button in the email or app notification. We checked in and headed to the store to pick up our order shortly thereafter.
When we arrived, we parked in the designated pickup area on the side of the Walmart store.
The app told us it knew we were at the store, but we had to wait 18 minutes for someone to come out and greet us. The staff was friendly, but they didn’t say much to us. Overall, it took 33 minutes from the time we parked to the time we…
NEWS Source: Digital Trends


Is Walmart curbside pickup only for groceries?

Walmart launched its curbside pickup option a few years ago, but for groceries only. In May 2020, with shoppers increasingly interested in Walmart contactless pickup options due to COVID-19, Walmart announced it would expand curbside pickup to include electronics, clothing, toys and other non-grocery items. Source:
Walmart's Grocery Pickup Service Is Free, Will You Like it Better Than Amazon's Whole Foods?

Amazon Debuts Whole Foods Curbside Pickup Service

According to Digital Trends, Amazon is field testing 30-minute pickups from Whole Foods. The retail giant has already begun testing the service on both the east and west coasts. Users must be a member of Amazon Prime and place orders via the Prime Now app. Customers can choose free pickup in as little as an hour on orders of $35 or more. They can also pay a fee of $2 for orders of $35 or less

So I guess YOU will have to decide Walmart’s Grocery Pickup Service Is Free, Will You Like it Better Than Amazon’s Whole Foods in 2021?
Let us know! We think that Walmart grocery Prices are better of course. But and its grocery Giant Whole Foods will be up for the battle in 2021! Which is better? We shall see! Let the online grocery pickup games begin!

What is Online Grocery Pickup?
An online grocer is either a brick-and-mortar supermarket or grocery store that allows online ordering, or a standalone e-commerce service that includes grocery items.[1][2] There is usually a delivery charge for this service. Online grocery delivery services are available throughout Europe, Asia and North America, mostly in urban centres. The online ordering is done through e-commerce websites or mobile apps.
The COVID-19 pandemic greatly accelerated the growth of online grocers, and in the first few months of the pandemics online grocery shopping increased by 300%.[3] In addition, first-time online grocery shoppers accounted for 41% of online grocery shoppers. Source : Wikipedia
Other Great order online grocery stores that have curbside pickup can be found here!


Walmart vs. Target Grocery Apps: Walmart Wins

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